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Edwina Currie's Comedy Connections

Everyone's favourite empathy deficit sufferer is on Twitter. Yay!


  1. Not sure which "more important [issues]" she's referring to - in this country, at least. Last I checked, All Of Twitter was watching how this turned out.  I was under the impression #TwitterJokeTrial affected all of us - or at least, any of us with a non-brittle sense of humour. But she's clear that Paul and his case are not terribly important to her - as far as she's concerned, he may only have been acting the fool BUT IT WAS TOO EASY TO TAKE THE WRONG WAY:
  2. It's not a metaphor. It's comic hyperbole. Of course, when Edwina does it, she's no damn fool.  It could ONLY be construed as a PHAT LAUGH:
  3. Bit rich of you to be going on about not making connections, wouldn't you say?
  4. The lines go dead. She needn't worry, though. The tax exiles don't appear to have a duty manager.