Worthy Faith: Young Adults & Unitarian Universalism

3rd Tweetchat in a series.


  1. This is the third is a series of tweetchats about young adults and Unitarian Universalism. These are multigenerational conversations, but I want to highlight young adult voices. I'm no longer a young adult myself, so my commitment to the importance of young adults in Unitarian Universalism is a multigenerational one.

    This tweetchat took place Tuesday July 26 at 8:30pm Eastern Time (U.S.) The themes that came up in this tweetchat were: making sure Unitarian Universalists know young adult faithing needs and expectations in congregational life. Two weeks ago we covered an emphasis on young adult groups and community building.

    August 9th at 8:30pm Eastern Time (US) we'll have another #UUYA tweetchat on Unitarian Universalism, young adults, and spiritual practices. Please join the conversation by logging into Tweetchat with the #UUYA hashtag.

  2. Chalicelighting
  3. Check-In
  4. Unitarian Universalist young adults are seeking a faith worthy of our commitment