Worship Beyond Walls

Social Media And Worship - a conversation from the Unitarian Universalist Multimedia Worship Seminar, Jan 9-13, 2012, Vero Beach, Florida


  1. We started together with worship. I'm including the prayers and links here to show how you can crowd-source prayer, reaching beyond congregational walls during a worship service. On Twitter, you'll need a hashtag - a # plus the theme  such as #uuprays
  2. Providing links to worship elements not only connects worship with people outside the walls, it makes it easier for folks attending worship to share those elements, AND it is easier to share those links later in a story like this and as a blog post.
  3. Inviting people to pray or meditate together is one of the easiest social media devotional practices. If your communities uses a prayer litany or a regular response, incorporate that with your retweeting and sharing later in your prayer blog. If someone shares a prayer over social media, it is public - you have the permission to share without requesting it. This is part of how we grow the global house of prayer.