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  1. Do you think your boyfriend or your girlfriend is cheating on you? Are you suspicious, but you only do not have any proof just yet? You might have merely found the answer to your difficulty, and you can learn if that horrible feeling you are having is appropriate or not. Visit here to make a fast cell phone lookup

    Occasionally there is very little you are able to do when you are being cheated on, or at least you think that. However, you can use what's called a reverse phone number look up to find out who has been calling their cell phone. This is among the simplest ways to catch a cheater.

    You will have to do a little snooping to make this work. However, if you're getting cheated on, the snooping probably isn't a big deal to you. What you have to do is get their phone bill or their cell phone while they are not about.

    Next, you'll have to figure out whether there are any numbers that call them on a regular basis. You should be sure to jot all the numbers and get the area code. Check each one in order to know you've got the appropriate number.

    You have to be careful not to fall for any of their tricks, though. They might be hiding a number under a contact name that doesn't fit the number. This mightn't even be a name that fits the sex of the person it belongs to and could be a fake name. This is the originality and the sneakiness of a cheater and the snooping are good at it.

    I used to understand a guy that had all his female contacts saved under the male variant of their name. This was so he could have a girlfriend and she'd have not idea he had a few girls. I am aware this is terrible, but folks do it and you should take note of it so you do not get fooled.

    Once you have got all the numbers you are not confident about you can find out who is the owner of each one. There aren't many people that use cell phones so it's safe to say that most of the numbers are cell phone numbers still have a home phone and most. All you need to do is look up the numbers you pulled from the telephone and go to one of the reverse phone number directories for cell phones. This will not take you very long and you can pay a small fee for unlimited searches if you've got a few numbers that you want to look up.

    This search will provide you with the full name of the owner of the number, if you desire their billing address what it is, a home number if they have a work number, one, and more information. Now you should have everything you have to proceed to the next part of managing the individual that is cheating on you. Visit here to make a fast cell phone lookup