Style and Function: Choosing Cycling Gear

The tight fit prevents air resistance and means the rider is at no risk of catching their pant leg in the chains.


  1. Every sport has its own look, style and gear. In nearly every case, the specific clothing worn has very little to do with fashion, and is all about comfort, safety and utility. Cycling is no different, as every item is chosen to provide a specific benefit and even though some items may have changed over time, most are relatively the same as when cycling first got its start.

    The most obvious clothing for cyclists are the bike shorts. Even though this style was hijacked by teenagers in the late 1980s, these snug fitting spandex shorts are still the best choice for cyclists. The first reason to wear them is comfort. They have no thick seams, buttons or zippers that will dig into the flesh during a lengthy ride.

    The tight fit prevents air resistance and means the rider is at no risk of catching their pant leg in the chains. They also allow free range of motion for the cyclist. Many come with seam free crotches with padding that help to prevent any rubbing or chafing that could become a very serious issue in a very short period of time. There are cycling shorts that are baggy too, these will often have an inner, snug liner for maintaining modesty while riding.

    A bike shirt or jersey is made to fit needs of someone leaning forward, peddling a bike. This means any pockets on the shirt will be in the back. The jersey may include a zipper and have sleeves that are short or long. These tops are made to fit snug as well, to reduce air drag while racing. Obviously both shorts and shirts are made from materials that help to remove moisture from the body. They are typically quick-drying and will over SPF protection to shield the skin against the UV rays of the sun.

    The biggest decision to make is on style. It is very easy to find simple, solid colors of these shorts and jerseys. For those who ride all the time though, there is often a desire for something a little more interesting. This is why those cyclists need to go to At this website they will discover a variety of unique designs and vintage patterns that will please their fashionable side. Since all of the clothing is designed for cyclists, these items will also be able to satisfy their athletic needs as well.