The Hidden Senses: the secrets of taste and smell

The perfect meal, digital smells, food plating, a scent trail, jelly beans, tasting strips, and more...


  1. On 21 November 2014, the AHRC Science in Culture Theme's Rethinking the Senses project team led a public engagement event on multisensory interactions involving taste, smell and the other sensory modalities. The event, held at the Science Museum's Dana Centre, brought the RTS team together with other taste and smell researchers, as well as perfumers, artists, writers and chefs to challenge the public's preconceptions about the chemical senses.

  2. On arrival, visitors were greeted with the first of many activities on offer - a programme of events that also gave visitors a chance to see if they could #smellthedifference and take part in the scent trail.

  3. Charles Spence, co-investigator on the Rethinking the Senses project and Professor of Experimental Psychology at the Crossmodal Research Lab, University of Oxford gave a public talk on The Perfect Meal.

  4. An interactive demonstration led by Jon Silas and Margot Crossman, psychologists at the University of Roehampton, shared research into the inheritance of olfactory memories in mice and tested the Proust phenomenon.