June 30th - Public sector unions strike over pensions

Composed of reports from people taking part in the pickets, protest and rallies across Britain.

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  1. 30th June Pensions Strike - King's Lynn
  2. The whole of the London demonstration is captured in this time lapse by Paul Hanes
  3. June 30th Striking over Pensions Pay and Job Cuts
  4. Teachers on strike gather in Canterbury
  5. Pension strike rally, Middlesbrough, 30th June 2011
  6. Teachers Pension strike 30th june 2011
  7. J30 | Generalise the Strike | Birmingham Rally
  8. June 30 Public sector Strike over Pensions London Protest
  9. police block off Trafalgar Square June 30th
  10. 15.45

    Two of the most popular items on Twitter today: a picture of Michael Gove on the picket line  in 1990, and MumsNet's massive  support for the strikes. Hypocrisy on the one hand and solidarity on the other so perfectly expressed.
  11. 15.40
    Seems like Bristol had a fantastic march today, too. The reports just keep rolling in!