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These are the businesses speaking out against North Carolina's anti-LGBT bill

The bill was approved during a special session on Wednesday and signed into law hours later.


  1. After North Carolina passed a bill that repealed anti-discrimination laws in the state, business after business released statements of disappointment.

    The bill, HB2, was signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory a few hours after it was approved by the legislature, a vote that all Democrats walked out of.

    Ricky Diaz, spokesman for McCrory’s re-election campaign, told the Charlotte Observer Thursday that most feedback "has been positive," but social media says otherwise.

    Businesses are worried because the bill repeals and prevents local anti-discrimination laws protecting LGBT citizens, and also prevents transgender people from using bathrooms of their preferred gender, calling it "social engineering."
  2. Dozens of CEOs signed a letter published March 29 against the law.
  3. A list was released by the North Carolina Values Coalition of supporting businesses to HB2....and some businesses said they were listed in error.
  4. Sports teams

    The NBA and NCAA have expressed concern about the bill and some worry the NCAA could pull games after it announced it was "monitoring the situation."
  5. Local football team the Carolina Panthers are being called out for saying nothing.
  6. Cities and governments

    San Francisco, West Palm Beach, New York City, Seattle and the states of New York and Washington banned government-funded travel that isn't essential.
  7. Airlines