CMB@50 day three

The tweets from the final day of the conference, as a summary of some of the talks and discussions


  1. The third and final day of the conference proved to be very exciting. Marc Kamionkowski kicked us off with "An overview of considerations of physics in the early universe: empirical,theoretical, conceptual, and wishful."
  2. Marc was referring to the type of plots that are shown about how the scalar spectral index, ns, differs from unity (so the spectrum of initial conditions is not exactly scale invariant). Here's an example of such a plot from Planck.
  3. BTW: I was bad about jargon: SFSR = Single field slow roll.
  4. Marc asked us - how do we get lucky and solve the problems with inflation? I thought his option A wasn't such a bad idea ;)
  5. But option B was what Marc went on to discuss (he's not a patient man it seems)
  6. Some other colleagues joined the discussion!