CMB@50 day two

The tweets from the second day of the conference, as a summary of some of the talks and discussions


  1. Day two started off bright and early with review of the different groups/experiments that are measuring CMB Anisotropies, some of whom are delighted at how good the consistency between experiments is!
  2. George Efstathiou couldn't help poke fun at the experiments that came before Planck!
  3. Thanks George, although I think I still do :D And I even got a shoutout as a "skeptic":
  4. The wireless microphones continued to give us some trouble.
  5. Some good questions from Mark Halpern reminded us that we should not stop looking for systematics 'when we agree with someone else...'
  6. Jo Dunkley gave a great talk about planned CMB anisotropy measurements, with lots of exciting pre-results too!