St Piran's Day 2014

St Piran's Day is celebrated on March 5th in Cornwall, UK. There are Cornish societies all over Great Britain and the World. Celebrations and parades take place in Cornish towns like Penzance and countries like Australia and the USA. Even South America has a Cornish flavour to it.

  1. The easiest way to celebrate St Piran's Day is to have a pasty. It is the one thing that is a taste of Cornwall. 
  2. In addition to the BBC, other terrestrial television channels like ITV provide coverage for the day. 
  3. Social media is now used to discuss St Piran's Day activities.
  4. In the Grass Valley, California, St Piran's Day celebrations took place on March 8th.
  5. A reminder was sent out by the Cornish Association of New South Wales in Australia at the end of 2013.  
  6. In fact, there are people who see themselves as being of Cornish origin all over the world. 
  7. The St Piran's Day parade in Penzance is one of the more notable events that takes place each year. 
  8. St Piran's Day Parade, Penzance, 2014
  9. The other - more revivalist and 20th century based - is the walk across Perranporth sand dunes.
  10. Perranporth St Pirans March 2011.flv