International CES 2014

The International Consumer Electronics Show "CES" 2014 is examined. Hosted in Las Vegas at the beginning of January each year, the conference has 150,000 plus attendees. It is one of the biggest trade shows hosted in Sin City on an annual basis. Full analysis of CES 2014 is in Geomatics World.


  1. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville entertains atCES 2014
  2. 3D technologies

    The International Consumer Electronics Show "CES" 2014 featured myriad reality capture and imaging solutions. These are discussed in more detail in separate posts along with trends of use and applications driving development. In this blog the Las Vegas based conference is discussed in context. This includes elements that have made the International CES self sustaining since its inception in 1967.
  3. Intel #RealSense 3D camera point the way for cameras with enough depth of vision to generate #3D print...
  4. Self sustaining

    The success of conferences like the International CES extend beyond metric indicators like 150,000 plus attendees. There is a distinct identity and culture - whether it is in a deal making scenario, taking in the spectacle of the exhibition zones or sitting on related conference sessions. A happening occurs that enables the quirky and the sublime to coexist.  The best of what Las Vegas has to offer is presented on an annual basis the first week of January each year.
  5. Singalong products

    Karaoke put a new twist on sound technology products featured at the International CES 2014.
  6. International CES 2014 Karaoke
  7. Connectivity

    The Internet of Things transformed into the Internet of Everything, and connectivity was a major theme that linked products.
  8. Google launches the Android-based Open Automotive Alliance with Audi, Honda, GM, and more http://ww...
  9. Back to the Future

    Christopher Lloyd took visitors at the Gibson area back to the future and documented it using Google Glass.
  10. 2014 CES Actor Christopher Lloyd with the Delorean and Gibson guitar from the movie
  11. iRobot

    Robots of all shapes and sizes were seen to be part of an emerging consumer market .
  12. Digital Health 

    Televisions were put on the back foot by digital health products.

  13. Baywatch

    Michael Bay went viral by not endorsing Samsung's latest televised offerings.

  14. Days later he continued to show no sign of regretting his actions.

  15. Summary

    The International CES remains a unique experience - even to the most seasoned of trade show veterans. It survives through a diverse and widespread group of attendees on a year by year basis. For a conference of its size it is also very welcoming to new faces passing through one of its many areas.

    If you missed the International CES 2014 there is still an opportunity to attend Computex and the IFA in June and September. Computex is held in Taipei, June 3rd-7th. While the IFA will take place in Berlin, September 5th-10th.