Getting hands on the Microsoft desktop tool for taking remote access


  1. Getting access of the remote desktops has always been a difficult task. But with Microsoft’s new application this thing will now be taken care of very easily. You will only have to hit some keys and your work will be done so neatly and perfectly. In this article we will see how this client works and what the applications of this are. This method actually helps to control a PC while you are sitting at a remote location. This remote location can be thousands of KMs away too. All you would have to do is install the client on your machine.

  2. Remote desktop is the best way in which you can have all the control of your machines without physically being present there and still being able to get all that you need in terms of control. This is the same protocol that is being followed when videos and images are being sent over TCP/IP network and the way with which the mouse movements and the strokes of the key are sent to the host back at the station. The protocol being used by this client is port 3389 and there are so many different versions that are available with the Microsoft. You will have to see which one would be compatible with your system. The client and the host use various operating systems that might not be the same and hence different versions were developed so that the platform remains the same.

  3. One very important thing to keep in mind is that the new operating systems like the ones which are based on the server based have certain limitations. They only establish connections with the servers and clients that are new to the system. This too can be resolved but you would need to have knowledge of settings of the host machine. But that might be a tricky part and you would not be able to get that easily if you are just starting with the machine installed with remote desktop.

  4. Installing this remote client is not difficult. Microsoft has made it very easy for the general masses too to install this on their machines you will have to simply follow simple steps that have been made constant and same for almost all remote desktop platforms like windows XP, windows & and even the server operating systems likes windows 2003 and even the upgraded versions.
  5. microsoft remote desktop tutorial

  6. There are so many third party applications too that can work with this. That way the fun continues and you will get loads of other interesting stuff to try out with your machine as well as the machinewhich is remotely placed. The application of these kind of devises are many. You will get the best control of machines and servers that are placed far from you and all you would have to do is hit some buttons and you would be able to command them with your machine that is sitting right in front of you.