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Sunni Bahraini politician recounts what he saw in Salmaniya Hospital during the mass protests

Were the sentenced doctors and nurses occupying Salmaniya Hospital with Kalashinkov weapons and refusing to treat Sunni patients as the regime repeatedly says? Or are these charges fabricated to hide the truth?


  1. Abdullah Janahi is a Sunni Bahraini, he is the vice president of the central commission of Waad, the main secular opposition party in Bahrain.

    He recounted in few tweets what he saw in Salmaniya hospital during the major protests in the pearl square between mid February and mid March, and of course what he wrote is completely in contrast with the regime official story.

  2. Translation: My mother's name is Aisha, throughout the crisis I was escorting her to Salmaniya hospital to do dialysis sessions. The (health) care was marvellous and there wasn't discrimination, Shiite nurses paid respect for every patient.

    Note: Aisha is a Sunni name, Shiite very rarely use it, so obliviously Shiite doctors and nurses were aware that his mother is Sunni.

  3. Translation: I was leaving my mother Aisha in Salmaniya hospital and I am confident of the Shiite nurses' dedication and care. Enough sectarians, stop hatred against your own people.

  4. Translation: in these days there is chaos in the dialysis department, and the unreasonable security (procedures) are exhausting the patients. My aged mother is crying and crashing down in pain over the beautiful past.

  5. Translation: watch out sectarians, do not believe that Bahraini Shiite are betrayers, betrayers are who want to blow up a civil war among the people.