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Pulling my hair - a media strategy

Last night I was having a conversation on Twitter about hair and this happened.


  1. So, there is this piece at New Statesman about hair, written by Laurie Penny. It's not particularly well written. It's entirely about experiences of white women hair however, as many pointed out, it is illustrated with a photo of Lupita Nyong'o thus, implying that the politics of Black woman's hair and all other Women of Color's hair (aka what is usually referred to as "ethnic hair") also apply to the text. I started the convo illustrating how this piece purported to be about "women" when in reality, it was about white women. So, I started by sharing my own story involving my own hair.
  2. People started to share their own experiences and/ or personal stories about their hair and how they related to the piece I was initially discussing.