WordCamp Phoenix 2012: Journalism

In his Journalism presentation at WordCamp Phoenix, Ryan Imel explained how WordPress can be used by journalists, discussed his experience publishing the WPCandy magazine, and shared some great resources.


  1. For the WPCandy magazine, Ryan looked at Scribus - open source desktop publishing, page layout app for making newspapers. 
  2. Timesaving plugin, if you're using Google Docs: Docs to WordPress will easily move posts from Google Docs to WordPress.
  3. How Can We Improve as Journalists?
    1. Source your work.
    2. Communjicate what you're writing.
    3. Original work.
    4. Create an editorial policy. Makes people aware of what to expect on your site.
    5. Disclose conflicts of interest. 
    6. Create an area of trust for your readers. 
  4. Great Tips From Audience
    1. Hire a journalist to edit your content.
    2. Use Scribe SEO plugin to show you best practices for on-page SEO. Stores the best practices online. 
  5. Final thoughts from Ryan:  "If your readers aren't pushing you to do more, it might be time to find better readers."