WordCamp Detroit 2011: Treating Your Readers Like Customers

In his presentation at WordCamp Detroit 2011, Douglas Hanna discussed how the principles of customer service could be applied to blogging. He highlighted the differences between blogging and traditional media and shared some great tips and resources.


  1. Douglas Hanna, CEO of A Small Orange, begins his talk at WordCamp Detroit - "We have a responsibility to provide service to our customers."
  2. Slides from Douglas's presentation.
  3. Treat Your Readers Like Customers

    1. Survey your customersPollDaddy makes it easy to create a survey. 

    2. Make your key customers feel special. Send an email message to a client about a great resource you found.

    3. Encourage loyalty. Make it easy for readers to contact you with easy to find (and use) contact forms. Let readers sign up to get updates by email. Add options for subscribers to get updates to comments with Subscribe to Comments plugin.

    4. Engage your customers. Yet Another Related Post Plugin encourages readers to view more of your content. WP Greet Box plugin shows a different greeting to your readers.

    5. Engage your fellow bloggers. Read other blogs, comment on their posts, create a community of bloggers you chat/interact with regularly.

    6. Educate your customers. Your mission is more altruistic than self-promotion.

    7. Create trust. Build trust with your readers by treating them like your customers.