Legal Recruiter New York


  1. Why Your Firm Needs to Use a Legal Recruiter in New York

    Finding the best and brightest attorneys for your law firm is no simple task. The hiring process for lawyers today can be long and demanding for employers. This is why so many firms are turning to recruiters. Here are some reasons why your firm needs to be using a legal recruiter in New York.

    Get Access to a Wide Range of Attorneys

    One reason to use a legal recruiter is that you will get access to a wide range of attorneys. This includes attorneys of all types. With a legal recruiter New York firms can potentially hire attorneys who focus on one area of the law such as contracts or even litigation. The recruitment firm is always looking for the best talent. This includes looking at attorneys who are just getting out of law school. The potential pool of qualified people is far larger when you go through an aggressive recruitment firm in New York.

    Stringent Screening Process

    The last thing you want is to hire sometimes into your firm who is lying about credentials, experience or education. This can happen in the crowded job market today. Making this type of mistake can open your firm up to possible lawsuits and other legal actions. When using a legal recruiter New York firms can be certain that all applicants undergo a stringent screening process. This includes confirming the background and credentials of each person. A recruiter will make sure that anyone sent to your firm to potentially fill a position has passed a thorough screening.

    Save On Hiring Costs

    Hiring costs can be a real problem today. You could end up spending a large amount of money over the course of several months just to get a handful of underqualified applicants. Going through a legal recruiter in New York is much more economical. The recruiter has the resources and infrastructure to streamline hiring. This means acquiring a new attorney for your firm through the recruiter will cost very little.
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