Instagram Followers And How Do We Get Them?


  1. What Is Instagram?

    Instagram is an online social media application that is very common now especially with the“millennials”. It works through having a personal profile and posting picturesor snaps of anything on the internet. The cool part is that people would beable to follow the profile/person so that whenever there is new post or activity, they would easily be updated and notified. This used to be so common with celebrities and personalities so that the “fans” or the crowds could keepup with their life but has now been also made popularized to everybody. Infact, Instagram has become a part of the daily life. Everything, literally everything can get snapped and posted on the internet from outfits, food, travels,inspirational quotations, to business and education or just merely for fun.Now, majority of the online population is a part of Instagram world as this is a venue for communication, information, and entertainment.
  2. Followers On Instagram

    Celebrities and personalities are the most followed people on Instagram with millions of followers but there are also other people called “Instagram celebrities” who garnered a lot of followers through maybe interesting Instagram feeds or connections. And these people are placed on the spotlight, an open book for everybody on the internet.
  3. Speak Out

    Instagram has been a basic channel of voicing out opinions and feelings on the government, on other people, their own feelings or even non sense maters. Anything can be posted on the internet, whether it is a happy thought or a really negative one. So people or even businesses who would want to get noticed or to get an audience can goto Instagram and start promoting and boosting their page.It would just need extra caution on voicing out. Not because it is right does it mean it has to be posted online. Consider other factors such that there are young people on the internet.
  4. Position of Influence

    One of the advantages of having tons of Instagram followers is the position of influence. People would believe the posts and advertisements of their ideal. So imagine the effect if an influential personality posts something online, true or not, some people would really buy it. So it is safer to look at this as more of a responsibility. Everybody has to be responsible on their acts, just like being careful when speaking;extra care when posting online is needed.
  5. With a lot of followers come a lot of criticizers and disapprovals as well. Not everybody will be pleased. Every post made will be scrutinized and some people would really make an effort and go beyond just to find the littlest defect or flaw. Just like any other means, if on the truth, stand on it. If not, don’t chump people. Use the spot to influence the young people and to encourage others as it is a rare gift. Just make the most out of the technology being enjoyed today keeping in mind to be responsible in every post and everything done.
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