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Social media mourns the passing of writer Roger Ebert.


  1. I ❤ Video marquee #i❤video #austin #video #MeFoto #ebert
    I ❤ Video marquee #i❤video #austin #video #MeFoto #ebert
  2. On Thursday, April 4, film critic Roger Ebert passed away. Ebert was a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer at the Chicago Sun-Times. He was 70 years old.
  3. He suffered from complications with cancer, the treatment of which caused him to lose his voice several years earlier. In fact, the day before his death, Ebert released a blog post announcing that the cancer had returned.
  4. Ebert's Facebook page didn't directly announce his death, but his wife, Chaz, posted later that day: "Roger absolutely felt all the love and good wishes you sent his way. Thank you and Bless You!"
  5. He was mourned by readers for his thoughtful reviews, characteristic wit, and innovative embrace of social media.
  6. Roger Ebert's Legacy, & Reflections From A Fellow Critic
  7. Fittingly, many honored Ebert's passing through his writing.
  8. The funeral was on April 9. The Westboro Baptist Church threatened to protest the event, but ultimately didn't show.
  9. In his last blog post on April 3, Ebert announced his intention to start scaling back his work. However, he also included plans for the future, including the relaunch of his website. (The website relaunched without him several days later.) His final review was of 'To the Wonder', which he gave three and a half stars.
  10. Roger Ebert's website, which was g...
    Roger Ebert's website, which was g...