Synthesizing My Multimodal Journey with #WalkMyWorld 2016

Learning even nine invites us to collect and curate how we used different modes (i.e., images, text, video, and audio content) to reflect on our past, present, and future identities. Using the mentor poem, Where I'm From by George Ella Lyon, I synthesize my multimodal journey.


  1. Week one - I’m from multimodal conversations, social scholarship, and cultivating curiosity. I’m from the over scheduled and the overachieving. From NEVER GIVE UP! and DO YOUR BEST! I’m from libraries with sweet smelling books and powerful words.
  2. Week two - I am from rural roads, from Pennsylvania Dutch country. I am from homemade ice cream, hog maw, and chicken corn soup. I am from church hymns and faith that I can do all things!
  3. Week three - I’m from Henry Ford and Thomas Jefferson, asking questions and synthesizing claims. From three-act structures to student-created documentaries, the iterative process of inquiry-based learning.
  4. Week four - I’m from family traditions, close cousins, and layered identities. I’m from the controlling outcomes and the letting go. From BEING PERFECT! and BEING PRESENT! I’m from yoga with releasing intentions and quiet meditation.
  5. Week five - I’m from turning points, from overcoming obstacles. I am from being mindful, seeking truth, and life coaches. I am from Walker Clark, who clears my path and guides me to the life I want to live.
  6. Week six - I’m from soundscapes and daily rhythms, persistent sounds and mundane miracles. From the ticking of a clock to tapping on the keyboard, the audio content that fills my work space.
  7. Week seven - I am from specific sounds that signify home, inspiring and relaxing me. From bursts of laughter to abrupt rolling snores, the sounds that make this house a HOME.
  8. Week eight - Inside my mind is a burning passion to give, a little extra cup of service to those who learn differently. I am from empowering awesomeness, cultivating literacy, ready for my future.
  9. My journey with #WalkMyWorld 2016 has been nomadic as I negotiated boundaries between perfection and being present. I pushed against traditional ways of communicating by remixing images, text, video, and audio content. Playing with multiple modes gave my story a more powerful and passionate voice.