CBC's Information Morning Fredericton has a 'glyphosate' problem.

How can you stoke fears about one 'probable carcinogen' while ignoring others? While staff at CBC Radio's @InfoAMFred exaggerate the risk from glyphosate, they ignore the risk from acrylamide - a chemical produced when certain foods (e.g. potato) at cooked at high temperature.

  1. Both acyrlamide and glyphosate are considered by IARC to be 'probable human carcinogens'. What if @infoamfred was to treat the threats from glyphosate and acrylamide similarly? Well, clearly, they'd have to ban potato chips from the building. Here's a satirical look at how that might play out.

  2. "From NB Datapoints - We've uncovered a secret memo that outlines attempts by CBC management to keep staff safe by banning acrylamide - containing potato chips from the premises. In a series of tweets, we have released contents of the memo to an unsuspecting public:"
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