1. Critical Arts Based Research Dissemination

  2. by Purnima George
  3. Together with a Toronto-based social service agency that serves older adults, I conducted a community action research (CAR) study in two neighbourhoods of Toronto. An increasing number of older adults from nearby neighbourhoods had approached the agency for material supports. Due to insufficient information about this particular issue, the agency planned to undertake a study to explore older adults’ living conditions, the factors that led to material deprivation and recommend actions to effect change. The findings of this research were disseminated to the community members and stakeholders through a play in Urdu language and a poetry recital session by community members in Urdu and Farsi languages. The photographs presented are of the community play that was created from three narratives collected during data collection that depicted the structural challenges faced by immigrant families and its resultant impact on older adults living in those families.

  4. The narrator and the main character of the play, the older adult man
  5. The second main character of the play, the older adult woman also the wife of the man
  6. A scene depicting an immigrant family’s challenges of settlement and its impact on elders – a narrative obtained during data collection
  7. A scene depicting tensions due to poverty in an immigrant family affecting relations between parents and their children - the second narrative obtained during data collection
  8. A scene depicting the disappointment of a son in convincing his elderly mother that her husband (his father) has died in the home country and will not come back – the third narrative obtained during data collection
  9. A scene from narrative 3 - The narrator and the older adult woman where the narrator is challenging the social realities of sponsored immigrant older adults and is inspiring and mobilizing the woman.
  10. All characters of the play on stage after completion of the play
  11. Facilitation of team members who participated in the production of the play
  12. All characters of the play
  13. All characters, their family members and members of the partnering organizations
  14. __________
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