Application of Latest Technologies in the Construction Field makes Raviv Dozetas a High Profile Architect


  1. A South African citizen, Raviv Dozetas is a Property Director who has teamed up with Jibran Hussain and Hassan Sohail to set their foot in the construction industry. Jibran Hussain is just 22 and is from Nelson, Lancashire. He is a graduate in Civil and Architectural Engineering and Hassan Sohail is also a young person who is just 24 and is from Gatley, Cheshire. Sohail is a graduate form Architectural Design & Technology. Interestingly, raviv dozetas is also a famous blogger. Raviv is a graduate in Architectural Design & Technology. The team is very well known in the construction circles for their application of latest technologies in the construction field. Innovation and excellence are two things that the team very strongly believes and they move ahead to give the best in each and every project. The team has also received wide acclaim for having designed a link bridge between Peel Park and The Crescent (A6). This project has been pending since a long time and finally took shape after Raviv Dozetas Landlord designed the futuristic bridge over the Irwell. The Salford City Council was very much impressed with the design of the bridge and the project finally materialized.

    The design received appreciation from all corners of the Council. The attention to detail and the activities carried out to come up with the right kind of design was appreciated by one and all from the Council. This bridge has been long pending and has been the dream of the people residing near that area. It is not just a bridge that connects two places but also connects various communities and brings people closer. The quality of life improves with the new bridge that serves not just as a way over the water but also a connection between the old and the new. Raviv has designed the bridge with strobes of light that would beam from it. Raviv wants the people to be able to see the bridge even from a far off distance in the night. The legendary Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and Media City UK have inspired Raviv to come up with a bridge of similar format. It is not that the design is exactly the same, but it is the vision of the architects that has inspired Raviv. Raviv too had a futuristic vision while designing the bridge and had done an extensive research before coming up with the design. A lot of factors were considered including the depth of the river and transformation of the park by the new access to come up with an appropriate design.
  2. Raviv Dozetas Landlord has worked as a property market for over 15 years and has a wealth of experience in finding the right landlord for you at the right price. For more details about Raviv Dozetas visit us.