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Anatomy of the Perfect SEO Client

Raven asked the smart marketers in our Facebook community to fill in this blank "The best clients are the ones who __________." Dozens of responses later, it's clear that a great client is hard to find. But if there were one, he or she would look like this.


  1. First and foremost, they must be alive. :)
  2. But after that, marketers want clients who understands what they need and are willing to let a professional provide it.
  3. understand the transformational value they receive when working with me and happily pay for it
  4. And if your clients actually care enough to get involved? Even better.
  5. Work as hard for their business as you do!
  6. Give you positive feedback to make your product or service better
  7. Who actually use the credentials we create for them to log in to Raven Tools to see what's happening with their campaigns ;)
  8. It also helps if they're flexible, open to new ideas and plan well.
  9. are flexible enough to allow you to help build and reshape their brand based upon your hard earned, time tested expertise. Inflexible clients are the worst.
  10. open to new ideas and strategies!
  11. But the best clients are the ones who trust their marketing team enough to let them work.
  12. Trust us to do what we were hired to do!
  13. have complete trust in you to provide your expertise in the area that you were hired for.
  14. let you do what they pay you for.
  15. Let you do what's right. #no meddling