Science Online 2014: Boundaries

A discussion about harassment, good practices, and allies at Science Online 2014. This is just a selection, you'll find more under the hashtag #scioboundaries.


  1. Let's start with some context:
  2. Despite several accounts of women who were on the receiving end of Bora's inappropriate behaviour, and despite his resignation from the board of Science Online, an organisation he co-founded, there was no mention of him or his actions in the opening remarks of the first plenary session of Scio14.
  3. "Boundaries, Behavior, and Being an Ally" was one of the first smaller-group facilitated discussions. It was led by Ashley Simons-Rudolph, of NCSU Women's Center. Its goal was to explore ways to deal with harassment and, presumably, it was organised as a direct consequence of the events of the past year. Other sessions scheduled at the same time addressed gender imbalance in STEM.
  4. After a few minutes of discussing this issue in vague, hypothetical terms, it was time to get specific. Rose Eveleth spoke up to address the elephant in the room: Bora's behaviour.