Netizens blame Pacquiao's faith in shocking loss

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  1. Fans and critics of Manny Pacquiao immediately turned to social media to express their sentiments about his loss to Timothy Bradley.

    Some put the blame on Pacquiao's "newfound faith".
  2. Even before the match ended, users were already criticizing Pacquiao's poor performance in the ring. Again putting the blame on his religious beliefs.
  3. Pacquiao's recent statement on gay marriage is probably a factor why some fans have turned their back on him. Many wished for him to lose even before the fight began.
  4. Some fans however believe that Pacquiao's faith is a positive thing.
  5. The Pac man is god-fearing, war-mongering, born again Christian with a fighting spirit that's going to defeat Timothy Bradley. Pacquiao still has the speed and the power to get it done.
  6. Others chose to be funny about it.