Watch Blood, Lies & Alibis Season 1 Episode 13 "Candy Man" Online Stream

The crimes of serial killer Dean Corll are detailed.

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  1. Previously on Blood, Lies & Alibis Season 1 Episode 12 "The Insidious In-Law", Greg Markwardt kills his sister-in-law, Kathy Odom, in 1987. He remains free for nearly two decades, but new DNA techniques allow a lamp cord from the scene to be tested, proving his DNA to be a match and forcing his arrest and subsequent conviction.

    On this week's Episode title "Candy Man", The crimes of serial killer Dean Corll are detailed.

    All new series "Blood, Lies and Alibis" dig's deep in searching for clues and put's you in the heart of the investigation.

    When a killer strikes, the trail to conviction can be long and arduous. Investigators sift through a tangle of evidence from crime scenes slick with blood; suspects and witnesses seem be hiding something; and even the most suspicious characters claim to have an alibi. BLOOD, LIES AND ALIBIS tracks criminal investigators as they unravel the stories behind cold blooded killings.

    With the help of forensic evidence, old fashioned legwork, and years of dogged determination, detectives and district attorneys deliver justice to families and communities mourning their dead.