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Olentangy Local School District: Personalized PD

Teachers have the autonomy and supports to engage in self-directed professional growth. Schools are empowering "The Teacher Voice" in order to Capture, Curate & Share the great classroom learning experiences.


  1. Listen to the perspectives of principals and teachers, as they begin to curate the great learning occuring in their schools.
  2. Olentangy Local School District is committed to maximizing the learning experience for students and teachers. Teacher are able to customize their professional growth by capturing, curating & sharing their best practices.
  3. Personalized PD is all about leveraging the converation among friends. Teachers are capturing the great learning experiences and having fun and meaning conversation with each other. Teachers are using social learning tools to amplify the self-directed growth process.
  4. "Can our students capture the learning experience from their perspective?"-an OLSD Teacher asked this question.

  5. "Yes! We are excited about having the autonomy to share the great learning experience with our families and the community."-OLSD Teacher

  6. When we have a growth mindset, we clearly see and embrace the journey.