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  1. Rammohan Vedantham

    Announcing this Mr. Ram Vedantam, President & Managing Director - Compugra Systems Inc. said IRIS Access Management(IAM) is the third generation of the world's number one deployed iris right of entry platform. Offering increased application versatility and integration adaptableness, enrollment and appreciation is easier than ever.

    The craving for safe methods of authentication is becoming increasingly important in the corporate world today. Passwords, token cards and PINs are all risks to the security of an organisation due to human nature. Our inability to recall rarefied passwords and tendency to write these down along gone losing token cards or forgetting PINs all contribute to the possible scrutiny in security for an organisation.

    Iris Technology to Drive Global Biometric Market. With the identity running push growing at a brusque pace, biometric identifiers are supervisor and trendy as integral components of identification process in the public and private sectors.

    The iris recognition technology promote in India is yet in its nascent stage. The sudden salutation of biometric technologies for providing enhanced security by both paperwork and private sectors has opened the floodgates of opportunities to the biometrics verify in India. The Indian biometrics designate is currently dominated by the fingerprint technology, though iris recognition is conventional to be the technology of the remote.

    There are a lot of drivers that are fueling the accumulation of biometrics in general and iris in particular. On peak of the list is Unique Identification Project. The project that is going to be the largest biometric database in the world and has authentication as its backbone. Apart from this new dispensation projects following MNREGA, PDS and e-district are moreover usual to utilize identification technologies in a great habit. Over and above these various departments along with passport, PAN cards are along with using biometrics. Though the base of the Indian foster is yet no examine small, biometrics is set to register past 200% grow on summit of the neighboring couple of years