My SXSW recommendations for journalists

Useful audio clips & articles related to digital journalism, including social media, data, graphics etc.


  1. This piece provides an excellent start  :- 
  2. You can hear Jill Abramson's talk here :- 
  3. Or alternatively read the live blog & summary here : - 
  4. Fab presentation if you're interested in learning about the Twitter ecosystem and what it takes to make a story go viral. 
  5. The following panel was quite interesting, the Al Jazeera examples were particularly thought provoking. (Audio)  If you don't fancy a listen, they are summed up quite nicely in the Nieman piece below. 
  6. Google Exec talks about desire to help create deep and meaningful relationships between users on the web. He inferred more big changes are afoot... (Audio) 
  7. I wasn't at this presentation but heard it was good. (Audio)
  8. Not a definitive guide but gives you a flavour :)  What I can't Storify here though is the knowledge shared by some of the most awesome people I met at SXSW. 

    Keep across my blog though where I share when I can.