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FawkesSecurity, Real Threats, Faux Anons?

Last night as the Presidential debate held the attention of the U.S., FawkesSecurity, claiming to act for Anonymous, announced a bomb threat for November 5, both Guy Fawkes Day and the day before the U.S. presidential election. It was quickly repudiated by other Anons as a False Flag operation.


  1. It all began while Anonymous was in the middle of a highly successful effort to make #NDAA trend nationally. The National Defense Authorization Act would give the government much broader powers to monitor and intervene on the Internet.

    By advising supporters to create new tweets or copy/paste rather than retweet, Anonymous forced the hashtag to the top of the trending list worldwide. It didn't hurt that they had some unlikely allies, namely the Suicide Girls porn site
  2. AND THEN...
  3. A YouTube video emerged with a message from FawkesSecurity, a group which has been around since December of last year and which recently, and somewhat implausibly, claimed responsibility for attacks against HSBC, the largest retail bank in the world.
  4. Anonymous Warning: 5th November 2012
  5. The bomb threat came in a rush: first the video, then the pastebin, and then tweet after tweet from FawkesSecurity. There were problem signs from the beginning, however. Since it came from a little-known group with an uncharacteristically private Facebook group and scanty track record, it bore significant resemblance an the earlier fake threat against the Republican Convention that appeared to discredit Anonymous.

    Reaction from other anons was swift and unified. If not always dignified.
  6. Anonymous Warning: 5th November 2012 is Bullshit (dantaliondanny)
  7. The only backup poor FawkesSecurity received was from the equally-murky Goatse Security.
  8. The predictably outraged rebuttal Pastebin appeared, bringing the information that FawkesSecurity were two linked YouTube accounts, each reuploading the other in an effort to boost exposure and, really, not much else except a lot of Fail, including  the fake attack on Facebook a few months ago.
  9. And another, significantly more literate repudiation.
  10. And then came... the hunt.