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#SolarChat Recap 1/29/14: Solar & Electric Vehicles


  1. The 1/29/14 installment of #SolarChat focused on “Solar & Electric Vehicles: Intersection, Reality, Challenges & Promise.” The synergy and potential of these “green” technologies exploded on #SolarChat, painting a picture of the real progress being made and the challenges yet to overcome to reach the reality of transportation without fossil fuel.


    Before we jump into the highlights, let’s take a moment to step back and acknowledge the presence of Ford and Honda on #SolarChat.


    Our #SolarChat gratitude goes to Mike Tinskey, Director of Global Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure at Ford (@Ford), and Ryan Harty, Manager of Environmental Business Development, at American Honda (@HondaInAmerica).


    These two iconic auto brands have embraced solar in a profound way. Solar can be found in their programs, impacting a wide spectrum of sustainable life solutions. These programs are vast in their implications and include physically integrating solar panels into the automobiles themselves, placing them on carports, powering charging stations, and partnering with solar installers (such as SolarCity, another “giant” amongst our #SolarChat panel) or through development of smart home integration programs.


    These concrete examples of environmental leadership have tremendous implications on mainstream solar adoption. We are very grateful they chose the #SolarChat megaphone to talk about their initiatives in solar and electric cars.


    We also want to express a big thank you to John Linney, Vice President of Marketing, at SolarCity (@SolarCity) and his social media team. 

    Our conversation took flight thanks to Zachary Shahan (@zshahan3), Director of CleanTechnica & Founder of EV Obsession & Solar Love. His subject matter expertise and dedicated blogging on the subject was invaluable. Thank you to him as well for bringing on board Michael Graham, editor of Science & Technology as well as Cars & Transportation for TreeHugger (@TreeHugger) and Paul Scott, driver’s seat contributor for Plug In America (@sunpwrd). 


    With insight flowing from such powerhouse authorities, one couldn’t help but be motivated to run out and either buy a new EV, go solar, or both!

  2. Many asked for this to be plastered all over the country. Who wouldn’t want to make this claim?


    #SolarChat, a “room” with 270 contributors this week, was a megaphone generating between 15 and 18 million impressions, depending on which report statistics you review. Thank you to each and every one who joined the conversation.

    World, can you hear us?!

  3. Q1 How are solar and electric vehicles (EVs) joining forces? What partnership/synergies are emerging?