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Cartoonists react to Charlie Hebdo attack

On January 7, masked gunmen attacked the Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine's headquarters in Paris, killing 12 people, including four cartoonists. Their peers around the world responded by turning to their trade.


  1. Australian cartoonist David Pope
  2. Brazilian cartoonist Carlos Latuff
  3. Washington Post cartoonist Ann Tenaes. The headline reads: "Love is stronger than hate".
  4. Qatar-based Sudanese cartoonist Khalid Albaih
  5. French blogger Cyprien Iov
  6. French cartoonist Maumont
  7. Indian cartoonist Satish Acharya
  8. Argentinian cartoonist Bernardo Elrich. The text reads: "The world has become so serious that humour is a risky profession"
  9. Dutch cartoonist Joep Bertrams
  10. French cartoonist Plantu. The text reads: "All our hearts are with Charlie Hebdo"