IBM Systems & Technology Analyst Insights

Leading IT analysts meet with IBM executives to discuss the future of business technology. 10th - 12th September, Hyatt Regency, Greenwich, Connecticut.

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  1. Thank you to those of you that attended the event and also those that joined the conversation on Twitter. Keep chatting #stgai.
  2. Day Three

  3. Wrap-up and Q&A 

    Tom Rosamilia – Senior Vice President, Systems & Technology Group and Integrated Supply Chain 

  4. The Transformational Journey: Client Experience 

    Host: Stephen Leonard – General Manager, Sales 

    Guillermo Lozano – IT Infrastructure Leader, L’Oreal Uruguay 

  5. Guillermo explains how he upgraded L'Oreal's FlexSystem from home (remotely) one Sunday while watching TV with his wife. Then demonstrated to his boss how easy it was.
  6. Guillermo Lozano, L'Oréal, IT Infrastructure Leader #stgai
  7. Q&A with Guillermo Lozano, L'Oréal, IT Infrastructure Leader #stgai
  8. Final day at analyst insights #stgai
  9. The Channel Landscape: Business Partner/MSP Experience 

    Host: Mark Hennessy – General Manager, Global Business Partners 

    John Zanni – Vice President, Service Provider Marketing & Alliances, Parallels 

    Kevin Beasley – Chief Information Officer, VAI