Analysts view: IBM announce new POWER, storage and PureSystems

Summary of some of the tweets and links by analysts on today's announcements.


  1. Full details of the launch.
  2. Overall, the newest Power Systems and PureApplication System offerings with the POWER7+ architecture deliver tangible and excellent value for all classes of businesses from SMBs to large enterprises. Existing IBM customers and prospective customers alike will be well served by the Power Systems’ improved performance and throughput, improved consolidation, energy efficiency and world class RAS.
  3. Jim Kelly, Wikibon: discusses the opportunities the new Power systems will offer SMB's in to use big data
  4. “It does require a lot of expertise, and it costs money and time and effort. IBM realized that here’s an opportunity for SMBs that haven’t been able to get involved in big data…to allow them to deploy big data and start using it, at least in a modified fashion, at a price point that is feasible for small businesses,” Kelly says.
  5. Full video of Jim Kelly on SiliconAngel TV.
  6. Big Data Revolution Hits Small Biz with IBM's New Servers - Breaking Analysis
  7. ���I.B.M. is bringing the actual price down to be very, very competitive,” said Jean S. Bozman, an analyst at IDC. “And they have to do it.”
  8. “But IBM is gaining a larger slice of a shrinking pie,” IDC analyst Jean Bozman tells Information Week.
  9. Forrester Research analyst Rich Fichera said that while the product range would not "make or break IBM," it was a signal to competitors and customers alike. "They are serving notice to competitors saying we are not giving up and by continuing to offer ever-improving performance to customers, they are making sure there's no temptation to switch," he said.
  10. One of the new Power Systems to be released today