Analyst Coverage of IBM Edge 2012

IBM Edge2012, sponsored by Intel®, is a 4.5-day premier storage event that brings together innovative IBM technologies, world class training, leading industry experts, and compelling client success stories and best practices.


  1. Coverage of IBM's storage event with feedback from IT analysts.

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  2. Smarter Storage Announcement

  3. Agenda - Monday

  4. Wikibon web show #theCube covered the event live
  5. The Cube - IBM Edge 2012 - Intro
  6. Smarter Computing in a New Era of IT
    Rod Adkins
  7. A New Approach to Storage

    Brian Truskowski
  8. The Cube - IBM Edge 2012 - Brian Truskowski
  9. Efficient by Design
    Ed Walsh
  10. The Cube - IBM Edge 2012 - Ed Walsh