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Yolanda Ortega Stern's Content Curation About the Philippine Sabah Claim

The changes oftentimes happen within minutes --- or seconds. For the sake of clarity, Manang YO curates op-eds and news items as well as personal insights about the emotional typhoon involving Sabah and its rightful owners, the Archipelago of Sulu... We don't know how the story will end.


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    The One World Institute, a private health and education foundation that provides humanitarian services in "conflict areas," has been monitoring and helping out since February 19, 2013, according to Dr. Yolanda Ortega Stern. Donations are accepted at 
  2. Manang YO's message: Please sign --- then forward to your address book --- and facebook, tweet, and blog. There are reports of gross abuse. No Filipinos are safe in Sabah now. We need to visit the detention centers where reported tortures are taking place. (Click on the online petition below). OR copy and paste this URL: 
  3. March 30, 2013, Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

    DAY 30 Suluk- Filipino Hunts 

    This PEACE took a long time dying. It struggled to a crawl until it finally wobbled on spindly legs only to fall again as politician after politician tied its imprimatur to each version.

    Finally, a new alliance, among new allies, shut down by a mediator infamous for its human rights netherlands, who will never be trusted again after the RSF's surprise exodus to regain lost lands. Enter all the current political entities squeezing the lemon for propaganda juices and the Sultans coming out of the termite piles and we've got a hole six feet below ground for the burial of Peace. 
    The problem with Malaysia and the GPH negotiation with the MILF Framework is that it mistakes the inevitable for unintended consequence. The Sabah issue has been brewing in the kettle until the kettle burned. 
    Many of us with unheard voices tried our version of peace in the economic format, the basis for a stable society. 
    But there is no turning back when conflict breaks. Malaysia cannot win a war of attrition against Sulu, unless they are willing to offer up a large segment of their population to Death. 
    Immediately, tough talk should be replaced by a Bureau of Sabah Affairs to establish:
    1. Recognition of Claims to settle with ICJ. 
    2. Repatriation of detainees.
    3. A safe passage for relocation. 
    4. Legal Recourse for Accused 

    A military solution for Malaysia will only ensure its own demise!
  4. DAY 30 of Suluk- Filipino Hunt
    The burial grounds to be closed but nothing is forever. 


    FEWER THAN 10 Left?
  6. March 28, 2013, Philippines.

  7. March 27, 2013.



    Sheikh Zamzam Saleh a Tausug scholar and a trader, an MNLF trained commander, a long time resident of Semporna , just sentenced to firing squad yesterday March 26, 2013. FOR WHAT?
  8. March 26, 2013. Berkeley, CA.

    The GPH is moving in the right direction here, if this news report is 100 % accurate. Now it just needs to add more chili to the Sabah Issue. 
    1. It needs to demand an immediate halt to the forcible uproot and hunt of Suluk and Filipinos.
    2. It must demand an immediate visit to all detainees and refugees in centers. Journalists and cameras to be allowed.
    3. It must allow a free zone to allow a ship to enter and retrieve people.
    4. It must warn M'sia against killing innocent civilians and children.
    5. It must send a legal team over. 
  9. March 26, 2013. Berkeley, CA.

    Of the Php 4M in ransom paid for Rodwell how much did the 'hood providing Board and Lodging get? Come on, out with it! Of the kidnap victims ransomed by Basilan, how many are released around the same Borders? Of the Kidnap victims released in Jolo how many were left to walk out? Who are these chain of Public negotiators who hand money to a chain of faces with names who then approach these lodgings that Law Enforcement cannot find? Who are these Foreign Agents who show up with cash and Private Planes in the end? Nothing is as hard to find as the Truth buried out in the open.