The KAPUSO's Sweet Taste of Success: Ice-Cream and Desserts

Where would you go for really good ice-cream and scrumptious desserts? Send us the links to websites and articles about your "sweetest" small places --- where you'd travel several miles just to have IT or order online. I'd love to visit them, too! Direct us to places where people with diabetes can taste a bit of heaven. We'll be KAPUSO ("one in heart") with these angel-ful sweets!


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  2. SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA: Raja Sweets & Catering

    Click here to LIKE Raja Sweets & Catering's Facebook page. I'm one of the administrators, possibly because Makhan Bains knows that I am such a fan of Indian (especially Punjabi) desserts.


    I had met Filipino American chocolatier, Oscar Baile, through Carol Lim at the 2007 Pistahan Festival in San Francisco. My Godiva Chocolatier training kicked in. I understand the passion for artisan chocolates. Calling OSCAR!

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  4. XOX TRUFFLES: Retired SFPD Joe Robles brought me my first box of XOX Truffles a few years ago one day when he picked me up from my Fisherman's Wharf apartment. He said that the truffles shop is the work of love by a French chef, Chef Jean-Marc Gorce, and his Filipina wife, Casimira. Delectable morsels, I must say! Then, during a Filipina Women's Network Summit, we met Casimira, who explained how they captivated their own niche market. The gift boxes are handcrafted from the Philippines, she told her audience. 

    Every time I take my friends on a FOODIE walking tour of North Beach, Chinatown, and Fisherman's Wharf, XOX Truffles is one of my mandatory places to explore.

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  6. DESSERTS: COFFEE ADVENTURE COMPANY at Seasons Marketplace at Landess, Milpitas, California, doesn't just serve great BARAKO coffee (fair trade). Desserts are a true come-on! Look for D.D. Pena when you visit with your friends --- and remember, there's FREE wifi!

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  7. DESSERTS: MAMA'S ART CAFE at the Excelsior District, San Francisco, CA

    I'm very biased when promoting the achievements of old friends such as art gallery owner Paulo Cabezas (originally from El Salvador). I met his mama and was introduced to my newest "dessert," Chai Tea with a shot of espresso and served with soy milk. OK, the FREE wifi is a come-on, too, as well as its jazzy events. 

    Fair-trade coffee comes from women-owned businesses in the Central and South Americas.

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  8. If you're from the Philippines, you would remember what it is (or was!) like to hear the familiar bells or whistles announcing the arrival of the Ice-Cream man or woman with the ubiquitous ice-cream cart!

  9. ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES: Dirty Ice-Cream on a Hamburger Bun?
  10. HEAVENLY SCOOPS Ice-Cream is awesome!

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  11. ICE-CREAM: Raymond Virata of Filipinas Magazine told me that No. 2 is Filipina-owned after I told him that No. 3 is Filipina-owned. Yehey!

    Yet, Raymond also told me: "SFGate rates Mitchell's as their favorite. It's not Filipino-owned but Brian Mitchell says they have been sourcing their tropical delights from the Philippines to make their ice cream favorites such as Halo-Halo, Macapuno, Mango, Ube, Avocado. 30% of their market are Fil-Ams."

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  13. Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous, San Francisco: Click here to LIKE their Facebook page.