Google+ and Google+ Hangout

I planted the seeds with Google+ when it first came out by creating circles. From family, friends, acquaintances, to following, I added my circle of ethnic media contacts. Then, Google+ Hangout came out. Google+ will make it easier for us to work and play. Just bring on more power to my wifi!

  1. A note from the Content Curator: For the past couple of years, the lay-out of Google+ and Google+ Hangout has evolved. However, I chose these videos for its clarity. There are some techie notes included here to include the developers. Enjoy!
  2. Google+ at
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  4. Google Plus / Google+ Tutorial for Beginners 2012
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  12. How to Use Google+ Hangouts (A Beginners' Guide)
  13. The Journalism Renaissance: Google+ Hangout "On Air" is like having your own TV station.

    What you need:
    1. An internet connection.
    2. A webcam.
    3. Earbud headphones.
    4. The ability to talk to strangers (or "friends we haven't met yet.")
  14. How to Host a Google Plus Hangout On Air: A "G-10 Summit"
  15. How to Host a Successful Hangout - Google+ Photographer's Conference
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  21. Google Hangouts Tutorial for Educators
  22. Google+ Cooking School - Margherita Pizza & Ice Cream, Vol. 1 - Bay Area Bites
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