Radar Traffic Defence how to fight speeding ticket

At Radar Traffic Defence, our commitment to our clients comes first. Our goal is to provide professional and effective legal services for all those who have been charged with highway traffic, criminal, and commercial vehicle offences.


  1. When charges before Toronto Courts, provide initial exposure during the first or the second court appearance, in most cases, incomplete. Criminal Defence Lawyer will carefully review all disclosures and the second or third request for additional materials appear to be missing from making disclosure package. Additional subjects almost always turn out to be helpful to the client situation. Once received full disclosure, the Criminal Defence Lawyer to review the materials with the client before proceeding to the next step.

    In Toronto, Criminal Defence Lawyer will schedule a pre-trial meeting with the Crown Attorney. Is an effective strategy for the Criminal Defence Lawyer to fully canvass the issues and any weaknesses in the Crown case identification. In some cases, the Crown would then consider a reduction or withdrawal of charges.

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