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At Radar Traffic Defence, our commitment to our clients comes first. Our goal is to provide professional and effective legal services for all those who have been charged with highway traffic, criminal, and commercial vehicle offences.


  1. In many courts, if you plead not guilty you will be given the opportunity to appear in court and "plea bargain" with the prosecutor. Often, the prosecutor will offer a plea for a non-moving violation with the lowest points that protects you and your insurance denies having to pay a penalty of evaluation drivers. Based on the high branches of a conviction for a speeding ticket you may want to consider doing so.

    If you do not want to appear in court or are unable to do so, hiring a traffic lawyer can be the best solution. In general, hiring a lawyer will alleviate having to appear in court as a lawyer can usually appear on your behalf. Although the prices of a lawyer traffic vary, generally the possibility of having a lawyer appear on your behalf would be much cheaper than pleading guilty and deal with the after effects. The lawyer should be able to negotiate a reduction in your insurance that protects and lowers the points. An experienced lawyer is familiar with the different traffic violations and their potential to influence insurance or show up in other states.

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