Legislative staffer tangles with state Rep. John Kriesel on Twitter

UPDATE: Republican Minnesota Senate employee Bob Koss took to social media Thursday night to hurl invectives at GOP state Rep. John Kriesel. The exchange resulted in Koss' firing. On Friday, Senate spokesman Steve Sviggum said that Koss was no longer employed by the Minnesota Senate.


  1. From Thursday night: Bob Koss, who identifies himself as a "proud staffer at the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus" on his Twitter page, took to social media to hurl some invectives at GOP state Rep. John Kriesel. Bob Koss is listed on the Senate's web site as a legislative assistant.
  2. Below read the exchanges as they unfolded. Go all the way to the bottom for the incident's concluding tweet.
  3. Kriesel is an ardent opponent of the marriage amendment, which would define marriage as one man and one woman and constitutionally ban same-sex marriage.
  4. Kriesel is a veteran, who lost his legs in Iraq.
  5. The photo on Koss' Twitter page shows a man seated behind a large Senate desk.
  6. Republican Jake Loesch, who works for the campaign to defeat the marriage amendment, weighed in.
  7. Twenty minutes later, Koss replied.
  8. The reaction on Twitter was swift
  9. Minnesota House executive director Chas Anderson made clear her views.
  10. As did many others