Doug Saunders

The ongoing saga where Doug Saunders condescends to women about what does and what does not constitute rape, willfully misunderstands and misrepresents counterpoints in his national column, and generally tries to mansplain rape to women, activists, and survivors.


  1. For background, please see @LadySnarksalot's Storify below - there had been some back and forth between @DougSaunders, @junctionette, and myself prior to this Storified exchange, but his tweets have since been deleted. Those tweets centered upon the premise that the media narrative insisting the situation in India is "uniquely Indian" is problematic and unfair, due to colonialist undertones, and ignoring the fact that rape is a global concern. Doug Saunders was quite insistent that India is the "rape capital" of the world, and ignored examples such as the DR of Congo to explicate that the situation is not as quite as localized as he believes.

    A few days later, Saunders instigates the following exchange:
  2. A few days later, I wake up to a DM alerting me to the following article, where our points of view have been grossly misrepresented:
  3. Doug Saunders never bothered to respond to me, or my concern at being misrepresented. Others attempted to get through to him.