Monroe Democrats are a Mess

What accounts for the horrible showing on Election Day?

  1. City turnout 8p: only 22%, compared to 29% in 2011. 28% countywide. If Frankel loses by smallish margin, could blame city voters & Warren.
  2. Do not discount power of city vote. It saved Louise Slaughter her seat. They stayed home in droves yesterday. #ROC
  3. @rachbarnhart Many times they also ensured Susan John's election. If party stays divided next year, you wonder if again they'll stay home.
  4. City voters are primarily Democrats. When they stay home, which they did, Democratic countywide candidates suffer. 
  5. We started talking about whether divisions in the Democratic party led to Dinolfo's landslide win.
  6. @meagmc @rachbarnhart Also: Dems have to stop pretending that internal factions are just imagined by media, right?
  7. @evandawson @meagmc @rachbarnhart Maybe that's what they say publicly. In private, they're more candid:"Worst I've ever seen it," one said.
  8. @evandawson @rachbarnhart Absolutely. Their internal dramas are killing their chances in almost any race.
  9. @CCFien @meagmc @rachbarnhart Take it public. Can't get any worse. Ask leaders to be accountable for actions. Ask about motives.
  10. @CCFien @meagmc @rachbarnhart If you let this continue, the status quo rules, and it benefits one faction, not party at large.
  11. @evandawson @CCFien @rachbarnhart Very valid questions. Disarray at the top hurts the supporters and candidates and squanders their efforts.
  12. @meagmc @evandawson @CCFien Remember this: Mayor wants the party in disarray. Helps her candidates and her coffers.
  13. @rachbarnhart @meagmc @evandawson And her coffers are huge. She has more than $300,000 on hand, last I checked.
  14. @meagmc @rachbarnhart Anyway, here's my main point: if private bitching by Dems reflects reality, well, no one is calling out the mayor.
  15. @CCFien @rachbarnhart @evandawson Their internecine battles do the voting public no good. Democracy requires choice.
  16. @rachbarnhart @evandawson But, is that kind of a pragmatic choice? How effective would a D County Exec be with lege dominated by R's?
  17. @meagmc @rachbarnhart @evandawson Does that mean that one should only go with the entrenched party in power, because change will be hard?
  18. @meagmc @evandawson Happens all the time in government - exec & leg different parties. Better ? -what does LW owe party that didn't help her
  19. @rachbarnhart @meagmc @evandawson But some Dems will say that Warren started it by challenging Richards when he was the party's pick.
  20. @CCFien @meagmc @evandawson And LW camp believes Turn Out for Tom was party insiders at highest level.
  21. @rachbarnhart @meagmc Owe the party? Not about owing. It's simply about whether she wants to lead party, or her own ambitions.
  22. @rachbarnhart @meagmc Clearly, she doesn't view her own career course as tied to the success of the local party. Which is interesting.
  23. @rachbarnhart @meagmc And yes, she felt undermined. Owe them? Maybe not. But can she rise above the past and lead? Different Q.
  24. @evandawson @meagmc Party has a lot of problems. Financial, GOTV operation, etc. Taking it over, taking responsibility, is huge.
  25. @rachbarnhart @meagmc I know this sounds odd, but have you asked her directly if she wants to lead the party? De facto or otherwise?
  26. @evandawson @meagmc No, but sources close to her have said as much. Also, her actions extremely clear. Her own ball, for example.
  27. @rachbarnhart @meagmc Another Q: why did Joe M just wash his hands of this? He hasn't pushed, challenged. Rough legacy as chair.
  28. Rachel is 100% right. Sadly Lovely's self interest is hurting a lot of rank and file Democrats.