1. Let’s disclose, let’s disclose!
    Can't hold it back anymore.
    Let’s disclose, let’s disclose!
    List it out and file the form.
    I don't care,
    what those Koch Bros say.
    Let the people see,
    Sunlight never bothered me anyway.
  2. At Disney's 2017 annual meeting, shareholders filed a resolution calling for the company to be completely honest with its customers, the public, and its shareholders about the lobbying that happens in its name.
  3. Shareholder support for the resolution increased almost 5% from the previous year when shareholders filed the same resolution.
  4. In addition to not fully disclosing its lobbying information, Disney's CEO Bob Iger sits on President Trump's closed- door business council and despite being called on to step down during the meeting he refused to do so.
  5. Below are highlights from the Twitter storm that took place during Disney's shareholder meeting calling on the company to be more honest with its shareholders and the public. Participating organizations and advocates generated 3.8 million impressions using #DisneyDisclosure.