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Shots fired on Parliament Hill

One suspect and one victim are confirmed dead.


  1. Shocking, frightening scenes on Parliament Hill this morning at around 10:00 a.m. ET. A man opened fire on an army reservist guarding the War Memorial in Ottawa. The soldier later died from his injuries.
  2. Initial reports came from alarmed Hill journalists and MPs. The NDP and Conservatives were caucusing when they heard shots in the centre block.
  3. Uncertainty tinged with panic soon led to speculation about the suspect's race and ethnicity.
  4. The word "terrorist" made its way into reports of the shooting, even before one suspect was confirmed dead.
  5. Conservative MP and cabinet minister Jason Kenney was the first person to confirm the wounded soldier had died.
  6. The shooting provided plenty of fodder for debates on gun control and some partisan posturing.
  7. The prevailing sentiment is that something on the Hill has changed. What that means will take a while to become clear.