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Wynne wins 2014 -- As it happened

Ontario voted Thursday. That's basically the only thing the pollsters got right -- as Kathleen Wynne unexpectedly led the Ontario Liberals to their fourth consecutive government and a majority. And became Canada's first openly lesbian premier in the process.


  1. It was never going to be an easy choice for many left-leaning Ontario voters. Some traditional NDPers found themselves put out by Andrea Horwath's populist rhetoric, but, shall we say, more than a little wary at the prospect of voting Liberal.
  2. But, once the polls had closed, any indecision seemed to melt away. "Get bent, Hudak," Ontario said. Oh, and of course pre-election polling was proved to be dead wrong AGAIN:
  3. After what can only be called an unmitigated electoral disaster for Hudak's "Progressive" Conservative party and his scorched earth platform, the PC leader did the honourable thing.
  4. With Hudak out, focus turned to NDP leader Andrea Horwath, who ran a controversial campaign and lost the balance of power in a minority government in favour of the new Liberal majority. And her concession speech seemed to be drafted for some other contingency.
  5. But, the night belonged to Kathleen Wynne. Unfortunately, Ontario's mainstream pundits seemed to have no idea how to deal with the fact that Wynne was Canada's first openly gay premier. Here is one way to do it right: 
  6. But our national broadcaster did not have a very good run of it:
  7. In a curious and, well, quite offensive turn, CBC Pundit Robert Fisher for some reason kept impulsively referring to Kathleen Wynne's "lifestyle choice." Why, whatever do you mean Robert? Her horn-rimmed spectacles?
  8. So, we'll have four years or so to wait until Ontario gets another chance to vote for change, but, of course, seeing the run female premiers have had in Canada lately, Kathleen's job is in a depressing sense, not safe.