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Ladies, Ladies where's the fire?

Justin Trudeau made the wrong kind of waves with a cartoonishly bad advertisement for a $250-a-plate woman-only fundraiser that promised "cocktails," "candid conversation" and "curiosity-inducing ideas."


  1. Ladies, you're invited to (really) get to know the Liberal Party's latest (sexist) gaffe:
  2. The Twitterverse exploded with their humourous response to the hilariously ill-conceived hashtag "#askjustin"
  3. Of course, others didn't find the patronizing, the stereotyping and the outright condescension all that funny (including Conservative MP Michelle Rempel):
  4. Others took Justin's call seriously and called out the Liberal Party's silence on major political issues:
  5. But of course, with "cocktails" promised at a high-priced event, Justin "defender of the middle class" Trudeau wasn't just showing his ignorance of gender politics:
  6. But, in the end, it's really hard to escape the feeling that this campaign exemplifies Justin Trudeau's political acumen: