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IAMAW Local 2323

Representing aviation workers in Ontario including Air Canada employees in Toronto, Ottawa, London, ON and TBH & AOSS workers at YYZ.


Riotwire is your hub for political mockery & comedic commentary. Tweets by @Cass_Wilson & @thekrellant. Mostly Canadian.


Toronto Media Coop

The TMC covers grassroots news from Toronto. We're best known for our hard-hitting coverage of the G20 summits in 2010, and embedded reporting at occupytoronto.


Founded in 1962 by César Chávez, the United Farm Workers of America is the nation's first successful and largest farmworkers union, currently active in 10 states. The union continues to organize in major agricultural industries across the nation. Recent years have seen major UFW organizing, negotiating, and legislative victories. Among them are union contracts with one of the nation’s largest employers of strawberry workers, one of the California's largest vegetable companies, and 75 percent of California’s fresh mushroom industry. Just recently, the union renegotiated its contract protecting 370 wine-grape workers at America’s largest winery, Gallo of Sonoma. UFW contracts in the Pacific Northwest include the biggest dairy in the U.S., Washington State’s largest winery, and a huge cattle feedlot firm in Oregon and Washington. Many recent UFW-sponsored laws and regulations aid farm workers; in California, it backed the first state regulation in the U.S. to prevent further heat deaths of farm workers. The UFW is also pushing its historic bipartisan, broadly backed AgJobs immigration reform bill. AgJobs would allow undocumented farm workers earn the right to permanently stay in this country by continuing to work in agriculture.

Talking Union

The labor blog of Democratic Socialists of America


The Paris Review

Quarterly literary magazine founded in 1953. Managed by @alvarez_justin.

Owen Jones

A 'braying jackal' according to Fox News. Socialist, Independent columnist, author of 'Chavs', Sheffield-born but Stockport-bred. My views only, obviously.

Jason Mogus

Lover of life, truth, and Laura. Servant to Jodhan, the cutest little thing I've ever seen! Owner of busy digital agency, helping amazing people who help the world use networks to grow movements for change. Getting simpler by the day.


Jenna Pope

I'm an activist and crowd-funded independent photojournalist working to bring real stories to people worldwide via social media.


AlterNet is a progressive news magazine and online community.


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